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Norman Austin

Certified Personal Trainer

Meet Norman Austin

(Owner & Creator of Fitbynorm)

I developed FIT BY NORM because I wanted to redefine people’s lives with a proper weight training program. Whether you are an average Joe or an athlete, FIT BY NORM (FBN) will guarantee positive results with proper form and safe techniques.

I Hold a Bachelor’s degree Sport and Fitness Management and currently hold a certification as a Master Trainer. I specialize in 1 on 1 personal training, group fitness (boot camps), Sport Specific Training (Athletes) along with senior and kids programs. My services are offered in person as well as online program designs for members to join. I am able to offer training, cardio design, nutritional help and education programs what will give all members the tools they need to obtain their goals.

I am a Floridian located in south Florida [West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale area and Miami] (Tri-county area).


With over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Norm can help you get into shape, reduce body fat, increase core strength, and make a total lifestyle change!

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Our training program is for everyone.

“When I first started working with Norman My range of motion in my right shoulder & my torn bicep in my left arm & endurance was in bad shape from an auto mobile accident!! Norman pushed me to the limits every workout wasn’t able to touch the other side of my shoulder now no problem!! Wasn’t able 2 finish walking the step boards with weights up & down feeling like my heart was going burst!! Now I handle more weight & my heart is pumping but not like before now I finish the exercise Norman is a dedicated professional with knowledge patients!! so happy I found him at LA fitness.”

Ronnie Baker

Property Manager

“Fitbynorm  has given me the opportunity to do something I was unable to do on my own or with any other personal trainer. From the first day, my entire workout regiment was centered on me in order to meet my fitness goals. I find that I rely on that accountability that FITBYNORM provides. It was become part of my daily schedule. Norm has really pushed me to achieve my goals without being short. He always has faith in me and most importantly he makes me laugh. We work hard daily but have a lot of fun training. ”

Victoria Giardinelli

Marketing & Event Manager

“Fitbynorm has given me the results I have been trying to achieve on my own. As a cyclist it is difficult to maintain lean muscle, therefore I hired a personal training to teach me how to lift. Since I have been training with Norm I have developed muscle memory for a higher upper body strength. Before I had Norm I used to train on my own by cycling with little weight training. After training with Norm I know how to lift on my own in order to maintain lean muscle. I’m so happy I chose FITBYNORM (Norm), he has all the tools and motivation to get you to your fitness goals.”

Kristina Boomer


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I'm Norman Austin a certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. My background includes sportspage civic training for athletes, physical therapy rehabilitation, and personal training.
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