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With over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Norm can help you get into shape, reduce body fat, increase core strength, and make a total lifestyle change!

1 On 1 Personal Training

Weightlifting + Cardio

Online Personal Training

Custom Workouts + Meal Plans

Meal Plans

Meal Plans & Recipes


Presidential Challenge

1 On 1 Personal Training

One on One training – this package is exclusively for individuals who desire personal 1on1 training. Completely transform your body with personal attention from a certified trainer. ARE YOU READY!

I have coached several people through life-changing fitness makeovers. But I have realized most people require undivided attention to detail involving form, technique, and spot training.

Join this individual personal training program and get 1-on-1 personal service, nutritional help and cardio design.


  • $30 / 1 session
  • $300 / monthly (16 sessions) /
    ($480 value now $18.75 per session)
  • $750 / 3 months (44 sessions) /
    ($1,320 value now $17.00 per session)

Online Personal Training – this package is for individuals who are out of town or can’t reach me in person. This package will be design to fit your individual needs to get you the best results. LETS START!

I have coached plenty of people who I have never met me in person. I design a program to meet your FITBYNORM goals.

This package will come with weekly written workout for you to follow as well as monthly assessments, form and technique help.


  • $3 / 1 workout
  • $50 / monthly
  • $120 / 3 months

Online Training

Meal Plans

Meal plans designed to get you fit. FITBYNORM meals are designed to get you a healthy lifestyle through nutrition. Whether you are eating to gain lean muscle, bulk up, or burn body fat these meals help you out tremendously.


  • $5 / 1 meal
  • $50 / monthly
  • $120 / 3 months

KIDS CAMP {PRESIDENTIAL CHANALLEGE} This camp will be held on Saturdays. Kid’s camp is designed to help kids get FITBYNORM through sport activities and nutritional guidance.

Kids Camp

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Discover how to loss body fat, gain lean muscle and learn how to eat clean.

I'm Norman Austin a certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. My background includes sportspage civic training for athletes, physical therapy rehabilitation, and personal training.
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